Bringing Reason to the Atrocity of Abortion!

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Why this directory?

There are two purposes for this directory. First, it is to help me with my research. I am trying to answer the big question, Why are we still killing unborn people in our society? In the process of doing this research, I wish to be able to reach organizations that are actively working in this arena. I tried to find a good, comprehensive directory of such organizations online, but was not able to do so, so I created one so that I could use it for my own research.

Since I was creating a list anyway, I decided that I might as well make it available to others as well who might have need of such a directory. (For one thing, I am always looking for things that are "missing" from the "information highway" and therefore needed. I try to fill needs.) So I designed the directory for a second purpose, so that it would be helpful to people who are looking to get involved in the fight to end abortion but are not sure where they wish to go to get involved. Therefore, the directory contains a little bit of information about each organization regarding where it is active, what activities it engages in, and other information that would be helpful in deciding which organization would be a "best fit" for the person using it.

It is my hope that this will serve as one tool in the effort to end the killing.