Bringing Reason to the Atrocity of Abortion!

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Here is a picture that I have "created", depicting what a group of protestors demonstrating regarding a current controversial issue might look like. What would be your reaction to seeing this group? Would you be persuaded by what you see?

Be honest! You would think they were a bunch of nuts (unless you are one of the very rare anti-abortion astrologists) and you would be all the LESS LIKELY to put any confindence in the idea of global warming. Right? If you would not be persuaded by people mixing their personal, spiritual beliefs in with their stance on a controversial issue, how do you think people react if you show religious signs at a demonstration on abortion?

I know most people who protest against abortion have religious convictions that are very important to them. That is all well and good. But let's not let advocating for those beliefs do harm to the cause of saving babies' lives.