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Pro-Abortion Directory

A listing of organizations in the United States that support abortion

As with the Anti-Abortion Directory, I have attempted to include only organizations whose main emphasis, or at least one of their main emphases, is abortion. However, as this directory is not designed for people who wish to volunteer, it does not contain the specific information about the organization's activities such as is contained in the Anti-Abortion Directory. It is just a listing of organizations.

          If your organization or an organization you know of is not listed, see the bottom of the page.
          I use the term "pro-abortion" rather than the more commonly preferred term "pro-choice", in the same way that I use "anti-abortion" rather than "pro-life". There are important reasons for selecting this terminology. For one thing, my directory lists organizations only on the basis of their position on abortion, not on any other issue that might be considered an issue related to "choice". So to call the directory a "pro-choice" directory would not be accurate. It is about abortion, and so that is the way the directory is labelled. Click here for a more detailed explanation of why I use this terminology.

Organization Phone Website
Abortion Access Project 617-661-1161 www.abortionaccess.org
ACLU 212-549-2500 www.aclu.org
Alliance for Reproductive Justice 907-334-3055 www.alaskaprochoice.org
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals 202-466-3825 www.arhp.org
Brooklyn Pro-Choice Network www.echonyc.com/~bpcn
Catholics for Choice 202-986-6093 www.catholicsforchoice.org
Center for Reproductive Rights 917-637-3600 www.reproductiverights.org
Choice USA 202-965-7700 www.choiceusa.org
Civil Liberties and Public Policy program 413-559-5416 clpp.hampshire.edu
Coalition for Positive Sexuality www.positive.org
Emily's List 202-326-1400 www.emilyslist.org
Family Health International 919.544.7040 www.fhi.org
Family Planning Advocates of New York State 518-436-8408 www.familyplanningadvocates.org
Feminist Majority Foundation 703-522-2214 www.feministcampus.org/default.asp
Feminist Women's Health Center 509-575-6473 www.fwhc.org
Guttmacher Institute 212-248-1111 www.guttmacher.org
Ipas 919-967-7052 www.ipas.org
Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition juneauchoice.com
Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice 866-606-0988 http://www.krcrc.org/
Life and Liberty for Women 970-217-7577 www.lifeandlibertyforwomen.org
Organization Phone Website
Medical Students for Choice 215-625-0800 www.ms4c.org
MergerWatch 212-870-2010 www.mergerwatch.org
NARAL 202-973-3000 www.naral.org
National Abortion Federation 202-667-5890 www.prochoice.org
National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association 202-293-3114 www.nfprha.org
National Latina Institue for Reproductive Health 212-422-2553 latinainstitute.org
National Network of Abortion Funds www.fundabortionnow.org
New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice 505-890-1010 www.nmrcrc.org
NOW 202-628-8669 www.now.org
Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice 614-221-3636 www.ohiorcrc.org
Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health 646-366-1890 www.prch.org
Planned Parenthood 212-541-7800 www.plannedparenthood.org
Population Connection 202-332-2200 www.populationconnection.org
Pro-Choice Public Education Project 212-977-4266 www.protectchoice.org
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice 202-628-7700 www.rcrc.org
Reproductive Health Technologies Project 202-530-4401 www.rhtp.org
Republican Majority for Choice 202-629-1313 www.gopchoice.org
Republicans for Choice 703-508-5897 www.republicansforchoice.com
South Jersey Clinic Defense Coalition 609-983-6227 htwww.sjcdc.org
Spiritual Youth for Reproductive Freedom www.syrf.org/web/guest/home
Organization Phone Website
The Power of Choice Project www.thepowerofchoice.net
Westchester Coalition for Legal Abortion Choice Matters 914-946-5363 www.choicematters.org
Women's Health Rights Coalition 800-376-4636 whrc-access.org
Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Program 323-223-7727 www.wrrap.org

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