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My Story

I was kind of a "back to the earth" sort of guy in my early years. Organic gardening, save the earth, live off the land sort of approach. (Not to imply that I ever really achieved those goals very well.) I didn't really want much to do with technology, never mind that technology has been all around us even before the advent of the "age of information", and, hence, didn't have anything to do with computers when they first started making a "splash" among the people. I went back to school in 1991, though, and, of course, had to use computers to get through school, so I did get familiar with them.

As far as the Internet goes, I still didn't do anything much with it. I kind of chide myself these days for not seeing it. Communication is such a key element in human endeavor, and here was what promised to be an incredible tool for communication, if only I had opened my eyes and seen it. But I was only interested in computers to the extent that I had to be to get to where I was going in life, wherever that might be.

I bought my first computer after I had moved to Colorado to finish my schooling there. During the year while I established my residency in that state I decided to start a computer-based dating service, so I bought a computer to do the job. I managed to figure out enough to program the computer to do the job, but it was to be a local business, so there was no need for internet, and the internet was still in its infancy anyway. Like me, not a whole lot of people were out there using it yet. The business failed (an unfortunate pattern in my life).

After I moved to Oregon and had developed disability issues that kept me from working, I decided at one point to reinvent the dating service idea, but this time on the internet. The overhead would be low -- just the expense of a computer and minimal cost of website hosting, etc., that is, assuming I could do the web design myself. So I spent about a year teaching myself html, php, and other internet related skills, and finally put up the website, which still exists at www.freeselectivesingles.com at the time of this writing, although it is inactive.

The importance of all this, in regards to abortion, is that I now had a new skill -- I could design a website, and, although the dating site wasn't "taking off" I could use those skills for other purposes. So one day probably in 2008 or 2009 I decided that I should create a web site addressing the most serious problem on the face of the earth the destruction of millions of innocent children annually through abortion. I decide to call the site Abortion Reason, and put the site up here at AbortionReason.com.

Prior to this, as I have already written, I had done precious little to help preborn human beings in danger of being killed by this violent practice. I had always had a hard time fitting in with the often religiously-oriented people involved in the movement, so it had been difficult to get involved with those who were doing the things that I saw as undermining their own goals. Now, however, thanks to the internet, I had the opportunity to "do my own thing" and try to create a better way. Not wanting to just separate myself, however, from those who were working in this effort, but try to help bring us all together, one of the first things I did with the site was to put up a directory of anti-abortion organizations, so that people who wished to get involved in fighting abortion could at least find out what efforts might be going on in their area. (Note: I use the terms "anti-abortion" and "pro-abortion", rather than the more commonly preferred terms "pro-life" and "pro-choice". I explain this usage elsewhere on this site, and ask the reader to accept that usage here.)

Actually, I started the directory before I purchased the AbortionReason domain, and had it up simply as a page at my own personal website, wardricker.com, which was the first site that I created out of all of them, basically just so that I would have a place to practice without doing any damage to a site that I might have more concern about. It has, however, become my personal website, where I have put up a lot of stuff that I have created and/or find personally interesting.

One thing that took place as I was originally creating the directory and still had it up at my personal site was that I was communicating with one of the organizations listed therein and the leader of the organization with whom I was communicating discovered that I also had the dating site. He took the time to look at the dating site and emailed me, with obvious "horror" that I was "catering to homosexuals", since the site allows a person to sign up as "Male seeking female", "Female seeking male," "Male seeking male," or "Female seeking female." I responded that, yes, my site accommodates people who are gay or lesbian, if he wanted to consider that "catering to homosexuals", and asked him what that had to do with abortion? I don't recall his answer, and by the time I am writing this, I have lost all of those earlier emails, but basically he did not wish for him or his organization to be associated with anyone who was helping out those "evil homosexuals". I don't think I was able to impress upon him the idea that, if we want people to stand up for the rights of the people that we are concerned about or to take us seriously when we say we are standing up for those people, perhaps it behooves us to stand up for the rights of other groups of people who, although they may be different from us, deserve to have their rights respected just as much as anyone else's.

Another thing that happened, and it may have been with the same person or a different one, is that he discovered that I was writing my own "holy book" at my personal site a spoof on the Bible. In this case I suppose he had a little more grounds for irritation, since I was "attacking" his fundamental beliefs, and criticizing or making fun of anyone's religion is always dangerous. Perhaps I shouldn't have engaged on this activity, although at the time of this writing it is still up, but I think it is more important that we accept each other's differences, and that includes one's critique of another's beliefs, even if that is given in a humorous way. There is one thing that unites us our concern for the wellbeing of those in the womb. Anything else is superfluous, and we should not let those differences come between us. No matter what somebody thinks of your religious beliefs, we still need to work together to stop the killing. Furthermore, I will still claim that the humor that I put forth, at the expense of people's superstitious beliefs, is less than the derision that I hear in many "pro-lifers'" words when they mention atheists, homosexuals, or even ("God forbid") liberals. Perhaps when the religious snobs (sorry, but it is an apt description) stop speaking derisively of anyone who is different from them, then I will think about taking down my "holy book".

Shortly after this I learned that I can have multiple domains and have them all on a single account on a single server, so even if I have 5, 10 or 25 websites, I only have to pay for one hosting account. This is important, given that I was a disabled person barely surviving financially and hardly able to afford even one hosting account, never mind several. So I purchased the AbortionReason.com domain and moved the abortion-related stuff to a separate site so that there would be no more such concerns. Of course, a person could still do a web search and find my other sites, but there would at least be no pages that would be taken as anti-Christian at the abortion website. (And, of course, none that are pro-Christian either.)

So I kept the AbortionReason.com website up for a year or two, gradually adding various content, but nothing that would constitute any great new effort to do anything in particular to end abortion. Then, in 2012, as we approached the end of the year, and the event of International Human Rights Day on December 10 (as anyone reading this is well aware, right?, being part of the greatest human rights cause on earth) I was thinking what it is that I could do to stand up for human rights, and, in particular, those of the group of human beings whose human rights are most often and brutally violated. I had already pointed out at AbortionReason.com that most so-called "human rights" organizations don't oppose abortion, many of them actually actively supporting the killing of preborn human beings in the name of human rights. So I said to myself, We really have to counter this appalling situation where the organizations that are recognized by people as being "human rights" organizations are promoting abortion, and thereby causing people to see abortion as being a "human right", rather than the horrendous violation of human rights that it is. So I quickly threw together, in the space of about a week or so leading up to Human Rights Day, a campaign originally aimed at simply contacting these so-called "human rights" groups and "calling them on the carpet" for their support of killing. If only we could flood these groups with rationality, and make them see what they were doing, we could make a change. Unfortunately, my flood turned out to only be a trickle. It is now over a year later, and less than one hundred people have signed up for the campaign.

I was at this time following the Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League, whose web page I had discovered several years before, but now had a Facebook page that was quite active, with people posting comments every day. At first there seemed to be some support there. One of the members of that group even created a separate Facebook page specifically for this effort, calling it the Human Rights for Born and Unborn Campaign. Unfortunately, doing this seemed to be a mistake, because the page never really got going (perhaps because I was, and even now am, not very clear on just how it is that social networking sites are supposed to work), and the comment that did end up getting left there were about abortion, but had little if anything to do with the campaign. Furthermore, when my pleas to help with the campaign at the AAFLL page met with no response, and further pleas about what other effort we might engage in that might be more effective also met with no response, it became apparent that this group of people only wanted to talk about abortion, they didn't seem to have much interest in doing anything about it. This was particularly disturbing. At least there were religious-minded people out there trying to do something about abortion, even if I felt that they were often doing the wrong things.

Seeing that support was not forthcoming, I immediately changed the name (at my website) to Human Rights for Born and Preborn, because I believed that the word "preborn" carried a slightly different connotation than "unborn", in that "unborn" often makes people think of "unborn generations to come", that is, people who are not alive yet, whereas "preborn" I did not believe carried that connotation, but would make someone think in terms of someone who exists but is just not born yet. I have since changed the name to the Human Rights For All Ages Campaign. This, among, other things carries the clear connotation that we should not be discriminating against people based on age.

After the initial push to try to address "human rights" organizations and get them to truly stand for the human rights of all, I decided that there had to be another piece to the campaign. Not only should we push those organizations to change, but we need to get people to see that it is the organizations or people who are indeed fighting on behalf of the preborn who are the true human rights organizations. That is, we need to change our image from "those pro-lifers" (or "those anti-choicers") to those human rights activists who are particularly interested in the preborn, since that is the greatest human rights issue on earth. Unfortunately, I am compelled to believe that most of the people and organizations that fight abortion do not see themselves as human rights activists, so this second piece of the campaign itself has two pieces. We need to get anti-abortion activists to see themselves as human rights activists (and not as religious crusaders). Then we can get the public to see us that way.

The main effort after that was to try to get anti-abortion groups to have a presence on the next International Human Rights Day in December, 2013. I contacted all of the anti-abortion organizations in the AbortionReason.com directory, except for a number of them who had already told me definitively that they were not interested in being involved. Despite efforts throughout the months leading up to that event to make these groups aware of it (most of them didn't even know that such a day existed), I had no response from any of them as that day finally approached that any of them would participate in International Human Rights Day on behalf of the preborn. There is one group, Feminists Choosing Life of New York, recently renamed to Feminists for Nonviolent Choices, who had already been participating in the celebration in their area for several years, and I stood in front of my local library where our event was to have been held, but had been cancelled due to weather. Other than that there were two locations in the country where anti-abortion groups at least made some attempt to recognize Human Rights Day, although I would say that even their effort was less than "robust". So it seems that I have not yet succeeded in convincing those who are fighting abortion that theirs is primarily a human rights battle.

Meanwhile, as the year had been progressing toward December and Human Rights Day I had learned about the movie "40", which was being produced and billed as presenting "abortion as the most important human and civil rights issue of our time". Since this fit squarely into the theme of Human Rights For All Ages, I took great interest in this. Unfortunately, the film was not released prior to International Human Rights Day in 2013. As I write this in February 2014 the film has been released and seen in a few places, and I will be working to have seen here in Eugene, Oregon where I live. Hopefully this film will help promote the concept that abortion is a human rights issue and must be approached that way.

If you have any commments, questions, etc. send me a message.