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Lists of Human Rights Organizations

After researching the groups listed in the Yahoo! Directory, I recently looked for other directories that listed groups as "human rights" groups. I found the following:

Yes, many pro-abortion organizations were listed in these directories, but I believe the more important thing to note is that out of all these directories, the only mention of any of the over 200 anti-abortion organizations in my directory of organizations working to end abortion was the listing of Human Life International in the Wikipedia list. Other than that one, the organizations that are working to end the greatest human rights abuse on the face of the earth are not listed in these directories! Why is this? What criteria do they use to include or exclude an organization from these directories? This is an area that we need to investigate.

There were nine organizations that were listed in three or more of these directories that are not included in the list on the campaign page:

These may get added.

I have a spreadsheet (MS Excel) showing which groups are listed in each directory.

If you have any commments, questions, etc. send me a message.