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Anti-Abortion Directory

Actually there are two directories here. Choose the one that best suits your purpose. The main purpose of the directories is to provide people with the information about all the different organizations that are available to work with if they wish to help out in this cause. The first directory is for those who wish to take a "direct" approach to fighting abortion. The second one is for those who wish to help out organizations that are providing support for women in crisis pregnancies or have had abortions. Although not the main purpose of these directories, if you are a woman looking for help with an unplanned pregnancy, you can find help from organizations in either directory, but the second directory would probably be most helpful.

Anti-Abortion Directory

United States & Canada

Other Countries

A listing of organizations that are working to end abortion.

I have attempted to include only organizations whose main emphasis, or at least one of their main emphases, is abortion. I have omitted organizations that exist for other purposes and only mention abortion as a "side issue".

Women Support Directory

Heartbeat International has created an exhaustive directory of counseling centers and other facilities that help women dealing with crisis pregnancies or post-abortion trauma.

(NOTE: I use the term "anti-abortion" rather than the more commonly preferred term "pro-life". Even though I also prefer the term "pro-life", there are important reasons for selecting this terminology. Click here for an explanation.)

I have also created a listing of pro-abortion organizations.

Why this directory?