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Abortion Victim Demonstrations

We held our second abortion victim demonstration in Eugene on January 25, 2014. The previous one, involving four of us, had been in November and had been on Gateway Street, in front of the Gateway Mall. I had hoped that in front of the mall we would have had a lot of foot traffic so that people would be able to simply stop and talk to us, but it turned out to be mainly just vehicular traffic. A few people did make comments from their cars as they passed by, and one man did stop his pickup and get out and rant at us for a couple of minutes, complaining that his young daughter in the truck saw the signs and that we should "find another way". (I didn't really get a good look at his daughter, since she didn't get out of the truck, but I don't believe she was nearly as bothered by the pictures as he was.) The response, however, seemed minimal. (I forgot to take pictures.)

The location for our second demonstration was right in downtown Eugene, at the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue, next to the main bus station. One of the previous demonstrators wasn't able to make it, so there were three of us this time. Here we had both a high volume of vehicular as well as foot traffic. For the most part people seemed to ignore us, although we received a few comments and gestures from people in cars both positive and negative. A few comments were "thrown" at us by people walking by but who did not stop, such as a woman who said, "It is sad that you feel you have to express your opinions this way." I replied that we were showing only facts, not opinions, but I don't know if she even heard my response as she continued without breaking step. A couple of different men offered a comment to the effect of, "Kill all of them. Abortion is good. Keep the population down." But, again, they didn't stop to engage in a conversation. A woman on a bicycle pedaled by us twice yelling obscenities and saying how she hated us.


I had a pleasant conversation with a woman in a wheelchair who expressed her gratitude that we were there, and told about carrying her own children and how sad it was for people to be killing theirs while there are people waiting to adopt. The woman in our group had a more challenging encounter. She was talking with a young man who was visibly disturbed by what we were doing, although he did not appear to be threatening so we left her to talk with him by herself. She told us afterward that the man claimed to have murdered people and attempted suicide, and told her that he wished he had been aborted.

The security guard on duty at the bus station came out and spoke to me, saying that he had received lots of complaints about our display, so it was clear that we were having an effect even if it was only two or three people who actually stopped to talk to us. I responded to him as I gestured toward my sign, "Yes. It is horrible what they are doing, isn't it?", but received no further comment.

My hope is in future demonstrations to engender more personal interaction with people. It is one thing to "hit" people with gross pictures, but I feel it is important to make ourselves available for people to talk to, so that they know we are not just trying to "gross them out", but are trying to create a real conversation. If we only had more people we could have one or two that could stand without holding signs and therefore perhaps seem more approachable to people, or perhaps even take the initiative to approach people and try to engage them.

There were two mistakes that I feel we made. I did carry on a fair amount of conversation with the demonstrator next to me. When we are talking to each other, I believe it makes it less likely for people to engage us personally, since they would be interrupting a conversation. We should minimize talking to only such as is needed for the purpose at hand, and appear at all times available and ready to speak with anyone who wishes to approach us. Also, all of the signs we used depicted rather late-term abortions. There should always be at least one early and one late-term picture displayed. We wish to educate people to the overall reality of what's happening, trying to display the whole range of abortion victims as much as possible.

Our third demonstration was held on Saturday, February 22, 2014 at the same location as last time - the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. There were four of us present.

It was not particularly eventful. As is usual, we had a mix of supporters and detractors, thumbs up and fingers up, those who thanked us and those who yelled obscenities - with somewhat of a predominance of the detractors. One notable confrontation on my part was a fellow who stood in front of my sign of a 21-week aborted human being and affirmed vehemently, "That is part of the woman's body!" He didn't have any hope of convincing me. Perhaps he succeeded in convincing himself.

Our fourth abortion victim demonstration was held March 15, 2014 once again at the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. Four of us were present, all men. We received the usual allotment of thumbs up, fingers up, people swearing loudly at us as they drove by, yelling "woman haters", etc.

One difference this time was that a counter-protester showed up and held her "I support your right to choose" sign high and proud on the corner across from us. I have to give her credit for courage to stand and hold a sign supporting choice when we were showing what the choice that she referred to actually was.

As usual, the vast majority of the people, probably 95%, who saw our signs showed no reaction. That is the discouraging part. I am happy to have people yell angrily and swear obscenities at us it shows that we got their attention and that such images trouble them. How anyone can just walk by and not react to such horror is beyond me. It says something about our society when people look at such violence and bloodshed and just shrug it off. Perhaps even more troubling are actually the ones who give us the thumbs up or utter a supportive word as they walk by. How can they recognize the truth of what we display and just walk on by and do nothing more about such horror?

Our fifth abortion victim demonstration was held on Saturday, April 26 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the corner of Hilyard Street and 13th Avenue, near the University of Oregon. Three of us were in attendance. Since both streets are one-way, it made sense to be at the northeast corner of the intersection so that we would be facing traffic both ways. Without realizing it, however, this put us in front of the Sacred Heart hospital (a Catholic-based hospital), so it may have looked to some (and it was pointed out to us) that it might look like we were protesting against the hospital. In order to avoid any confusion on this point, this is probably not the best location for future demonstrations. There was a fair amount of foot traffic as well as vehicular traffic. The usual mix of both negative and positive comments and gestures, with a predominance of negative. One girl threatened to call the police on us as she walked by. One supportive fellow on a "well-decorated" bicycle stopped to talk with us at some length, but mostly people just made comments and kept walking to avoid any actual conversation.

Our sixth abortion victim demonstration was held on Saturday, April 26 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, once again back at the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. Four of us were present. Reactions were typical, with a few people giving supportive comments or gestures, more people giving unsupportive ones, but the great majority just passing by without any apparent reaction. How one can pass by depictions of mutilated children and not have a reaction is beyond me. I would much rather have people scream and cuss at me then to just ignore the horror of what is taking place. A few people did stop to engage in very brief conversations. One fellow stopped just before we ended and "ranted" at us, saying that we should be ashamed of ourselves for displaying such ugly images where children would see them. I have never seen any child nearly as upset by any of the images as the adults are, but it made no difference in this case. The fellow was in no mood for any actual conversation - he just wanted to rant at us. I would like to have asked him whether he thought it was worse to display these images or to actually do what was depicted in them. If he, then, was so upset at us as to want to do something about what we were doing, then what has he done recently to object to what is actually taking place? However, as I said, he was in no mood for an actual conversation.

Our seventh abortion victim demonstration was held from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, June 28, 2014, once again at the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. This seems to be the best location in the area, there being a rather large amount of both vehicular and foot traffic. Two of us were present. It was a rather typical demonstration, with a few people making negative, degrading or obscene comments or gestures and fewer people making positive or supportive gestures or comments. Three people stopped long enough to engage in a conversation. One man tried to have a reasonable conversation, talking about at what point in pregnancy abortion should be allowed and being concerned about victims of rape or incest. Another man, apparently under the influence of alcohol or some other substance, stood next to me for a while saying over and over again that what we were doing was "fucking wrong" and we should "appreciate life". A woman stopped who kept talking about FEMA. I had trouble hearing her and could never find out what FEMA had to do with abortion, but she seemed to be supportive of what we were doing.

More common were the people who just blurted some comment, often unintelligible, and kept on walking. One woman blurted out "You hate women", but didn't stop to allow us challenge whether that was true or not, or what relevance it even would have to whether we should be killing children. ("I could be the most hateful person in the world. What does that have to do with what position you will take regarding killing preborn children?")

Of course, the most difficult thing of all is trying to imagine how the 95 percent of the people who just pass by without saying anything or giving any kind of recognition can see a little child that has been ripped to pieces and just continue on with stopping and saying, "Oh my God! Is this really happening?

Our ninth abortion victim demonstration was held from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, August 23, 2014, once again at the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. (So was the eighth one on the 4th Saturday of July, but it appears that I forgot to write up anything about that one.) Five of us were present. Nothing unusual. A mixture of positive and negative comments. It did seem to me that we had more positive comments and less negative comments than usual, although probably not enough for the positives to outnumber the negatives. Of course, as before, the most amazing part is that the vast majority can walk by such pictures and not stop to ask, "Oh my God! Is this for real?!" A few stopped to talk (both positive and negative), but only very briefly. No offers to join us.

We held our tenth abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, September 27, 2014, once again at the intersection of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. Four of us were present. Pretty much the typical scenario. Some comments, both negative and positive, very few who actually stopped to talk. Still no one who has expressed an interest to join us. The vast majority just pass by without any apparent reaction. It's sad (and scary) when people can walk by a butchered baby without any concern!

The eleventh abortion victim demonstration was on Saturday, October 25, 2014, again at the Willamette/11th Ave. intersection. Three of us were present. Same senario - a mix of positive and negative reactions, with the great majority not showing any reaction. I did a ten-minute tally during the last half hour, in which I counted 53 pedestrians (including children, but not babies), two bicycles, and 144 motor vehicles (including 3 buses) passing through the intersection and presumably seeing our signs. If we assume that this 10 minutes was typical and that there were an average of two people in each vehicle who saw us, then a total of 4,116 people in Eugene saw what abortion does today.

Our twelfth abortion victim demonstration was on Saturday, November 22, 2014, again at the Willamette/11th Ave. intersection. We seemed to have more personal interaction with people, at least during the first half of the time, than usual, even though there seemed to be less people around. (There was a "game" going on. It's amazing how football can draw thousands, while the killing of children seems to interest very few.) We had our first "violent action" taken against us - a man grabbed the sign from one of the participants, threw it on the ground and stepped on it. Our participant remained calm and the incident passed without any further violence or need to call the authorities. I was personally glad to see that we were at least getting through to someone. We also, for the second time, had counter-demonstrators. A young fellow held the so-intelligent sign saying "These guys suck". The girl with him held a sign saying "I'm with him - Pro-choice". I thought it rather interesting that she felt the need to declare her position on the matter. Apparently she thought that we were opposed to abortion, though none of the signs that we held said anything about our position on the matter. All we did was hold signs that show abortions. Hmmm, it seems that she agrees that simply showing what abortion actually does automatically makes one oppose abortion. Why would she think that?

We held another abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, December 27, again at the Willamette/11th Ave. intersection. Three of us were present. Not many people were out on the streets, so we did not get a lot of response. A few comments, not much that would really qualify as a conversation. I spent a while thinking about the attitude toward abortion here in Eugene, and talk about that in my blog.

We held another abortion victim demonstration in Eugene on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at the same location of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue. Four of us were present. Once again there was a mixture of positive and negative responses. One fellow approached me and was obviously unhappy that we were there, but spoke so fast that it was difficult to understand what he said. He did mention a 5-year old child, so apparently he was concerned that some child (not within view) would be disturbed by the images. He also referred to what we were doing as "disgusting". That was about all I could make out from his fast speech. When I tried to invite him to have a conversation (rather than just "ranting") he said that he did not want to talk about it. (So why did he approach me?)

One woman said, "Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless," as she walked by, and another brought each of us a cookie and thanked us "for what you are doing". I observed another man who stopped momentarily and looked at the pictures and then patted one of our members on the shoulder. However, even those who agree with us do not indicate any interest in being a part of what we are doing or even stop long enough to engage in a conversation.

One other woman stopped and looked at the picture I was displaying and proclaimed, "Oh God!" She asked me how old the preborn child was and then went around slowly looking at each picture and shaking her head. Apparently we got through to at least one person.

The big problem is communication. I would have been glad to have the fellow come up to me upset and complaining that our display was "disgusting" if he would have been willing to engage in a conversation. (I agree it is disgusting!) What does it take to get people to start talking?

Our abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, February 28, 2015, with three of us present, was more eventful than usual. For one thing, I personally took a more assertive approach and, instead of waiting for people to come up and speak to me, I would ask them as they passed by whether they thought that what we were showing them should be continued. There were some yeses and some noes, but it was generally difficult to hear even those who did respond, because most would just keep on walking and there was a lot of background traffic noise. I can understand that those who disagree with us might just keep on walking, but if a person agrees that this is a horrible and violent injustice, how can they just keep on walking and not want to do something about it? That is the question that I cannot find any answer in my consciousness to explain.

One person who did stop to engage us was not in a mood to answer the question, but rather just wanted to rant at us, primarily because we were "hypocrites". This was, of course, based on his assumptions, and even when I tried to correct him on a point, he would just shrug it off and believe what he wanted to believe anyway. I would try to draw him back to the issue of those who were being killed, rather than whether we were "hypocrites" or not, but it was not of any use. I was finally about to tell him that I was Adolph Hitler reincarnated, and then ask him what that had to do with what he would do about abortion, when he finally did address the issue of what we were displaying on our signs by claiming that the pictures were inaccurate. I asked him if he was willing to consider the validity of that claim, told him that I had an embryology textbook in my bag, and asked if he would consider that to be authoritative. Before I could show him anything specific in the text, he grabbed it, started looking through it himself, came to a page showing a picture of a child at some stage of development, and declared, "That's not true! What is this book?" I pointed out to him that it was simply an embryology textbook such as any university student studying medicine might use, but he insisted that the information it was showing him was not true. (Apparently he knows more than the author.) No matter what facts were given him, he was simply determined to hold onto his preconceived ideas.

A fellow came up immediately after this fellow left who had heard him haranguing us and thanked us for being there. He described himself as a Messianic Jew, and talked about the appalling pro-abortion attitude in much of the Jewish community. He then walked away just as I was about to give him my card and invite him to join with us. Another person I gave a card to, though, did say that he would definitely give me a call.

All in all, it was enough activity that I didn't really even notice what kind of response we were getting from vehicular traffic, so that was good. I would much rather deal with people in person, even if they may be difficult at times, than to just wave at them as they go by in cars.

We held another abortion victim demonstration on April 4, 2015. There were three of us present. I had one young lady approach me near the beginning and ask how she could get involved. I took her phone number and gave her mine so she can join us next time. I personally took a more assertive approach again, asking people as they walked by, "Will you help us end this horror?" Most people just continued to walk by. A few stopped long enough to express their anger that we were doing what we were doing, but did not stop long enough to engage in a real conversation. At least on man asked, "What can I do?", with a shrug that indicated he didn't think that there was anything that he could do. I told him that there were probably a thousand different things he could do, but for now he could stop and hold one of our signs, but he just made some excuse and walked off. It's hard enough to understand how people can see the reality of what's happening and think that it is okay, but it is even harder to understand how people can agree with us that it is wrong but not want to stop and do something to stop it.

We held another abortion victim demonstration on April 25, 2015. Four "regulars" were present, plus one passerby who stopped and joined us briefly (the first time this has happened, I believe). The usual mix of supportive and disparaging comments, including at least one who called herself "pro-life" but said she was disgusted by what we were doing. When even those who proclaim themselves "pro-life" think that showing people the reality of abortion is wrong, then you know we are fighting an uphill battle. We did, though, have a fair number of people who were supportive in spite of the fact that Eugene is over 85 percent pro-abortion.

One fellow stopped when I asked if he would help us end the violence, and he said that he used to be involved in fighting abortion, but that he had engaged in "fact checking" and was now in support of abortion. I tried to ask him what facts he was talking about, but he did not wish to be specific. He also claimed that our pictures were "out of context". When I tried to ask him what he meant about any of this, he just walked off saying he hoped that I would "fact check" and change my mind.

The thing that struck me is that only those who oppose us get upset. Yes, we want to get through to those who support abortion, and when they get upset with us I take it as a good thing - we have pentrated and gotten through to them even if they are still in denial. But it is those who claim to oppose abortion, those who tell us we are doing a good job, who are the ones who should be getting upset - not at us, of course, but at those who carry out these violent acts and at our society that tolerates such violence. Why aren't these people getting upset? If "our" people would get upset about this horrific violence, then they would rally around, would be determined to put an end to it, and we would do it. But they just smile, say "thanks", and continue on their way without their day being upset! That is our problem.

Our next abortion victim demonstration was on Saturday, May 23, 2015. Four of us were present. Plenty of negative comments. Most people just ignore us. What gets me most, though, are the "prolifers". People will say they agree with us, but when I ask they will help us end the killing that typically ask, "What can I do?" I hand them a sign, but they just make some excuse and walk away. They say the agree, but they don't want to help. Just let the kids die!

One fellow said that he believes abortion is wrong. He agreed that abortion kills a child, but he doesn't believe he should tell other people what to do. I pointed to a young lady walking through a crosswalk and asked, "So if just just pull out a gun and shoot that young lady, that's okay with you?"

"You can if you want," he replied.

"So I should just be allowed to do that?" I continued.

"No, you'd go to prison."

"So I am not allowed to kill that young woman, but people should be allowed to kill children in the womb. Why the double standard?"

"No double standard," he responded.

No matter how clear you point it out people will just remain in denial.

We held another abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at our usual location in downtown Eugene. Four of us were present. The usual mix of supporters, detractors and indifferents. However, nobody yelled obscenities or blasted their horn and gave us the finger. Too bad! I still would prefer negative reactions to indifference.

I asked one fellow as he walked by if he would help us end the killing. He said, "We need more of it." I asked, "Are you really a violent person? You want more killing?" He paused for just moment and said, "Yes"! We frequently enough get people yelling sarcastic remarks such as "Kill them all!", but this fellow seemed to be perfectly serious. Scary!!

However, the most upsetting one was the fellow who responded, "I am already on your side," and kept on walking without missing a step. No one yelling obscenities or otherwise giving us a hard time will ever make me as angry as those who claim they agree but make it clear that they aren't going to do a thing about it!

We held another abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, August 29, 2015 in the usual location, at the corner of 11th Avenue and Willamette Street in downtown Eugene. Four of us were present. There were not a lot of pedestrians walking around. I believe it was the lowest number ever. I am not sure if there was some event, such as a football game, that drew people away from downtown.

There were a fairly even mix of supporters and detractors who responded to our presence, not bad I suppose for a city that is over 85 percent pro-abortion! I still find it amazing that we can stand there and show such horrible things and the great majority will show no reaction. I asked one woman as she walked by, "Aren't you horrified by what is taking place?" She responded, "I'm pro-choice", as if that answered the question. It's quite convenient when someone can just dump a trite slogan to avoid answering a question. I looked over at one point to see two young men laughing and taking pictures of each other standing in front of one of the signs we were displaying. How can anyone make a joke out of the picture of the victim of a brutal slaying? Unbelievable!

Of course, it was the anti-abortion respondents who really angered me, though. One man thanked us for being there, but when I asked him if he would join us, said, "I take a different approach," and said that he talked to people one-on-one. I need to come up with my response to that one. It clearly means that he is not going to do much of anything about the killing unless someone happens to raise the subject in conversation, but I would not presume to challenge him by saying so. Another young woman walked by, and when I spoke to her said that she was "solidly pro-life". I asked her to join us, and she started to say something about some things that she does already, but then was more interested in the fact that the walk light had turned on, so she quit in mid-sentence and walked across. Again, if she had stopped to explain what those things are that she was doing I would probably felt in the same situation: not believing that she was truly making a real effort to fight abortion, but faced with her saying that she does this and that. I don't think I would insult her by saying that what she wasn't doing wasn't the right things or that she wasn't doing enough. What should I say to her? The upshot is that no one who was passing by stopped to join in and help the effort, whatever their excuse might be. If "pro-lifers" can walk by those signs and not be constrained to do something, what can we ever expect from the rest of the population?

We had a couple of counter-protesters, both young women apparently in their 20's. They basically laughed and danced as they held their signs. When they showed up things got lively. Prior to their arrival hardly anyone spoke to us or exhibited any response at all. When these two young women started their "festive" actions, people would honk and call out positively to them. It was like somehow things suddenly came to life. Why is it that two girls dancing around saying "I support choice" can generate such reaction, when we, who are showing people what that "choice", is cannot seem to reach people? As we were leaving I stopped to try to talk to the young woman nearest me, whom I had already addressed briefly when she showed up. I tried to ask her seriously how she could stand up in support of the violence that we were displaying with our signs. She was not willing to engage in any kind of a respectful discussion. As her friend joined her she continued being jocular and making fun of anything that I might say or ask, as if it were a big joke. I asked her what other victims of violence she would make fun of, but she just continued with her crass "humor", adding that I was "too stupid to have a conversation with." (Funny!) I didn't ask her why she thought it necessary to insult people, or why she thought that attacking people was more valuable than addressing the issue and the facts. I did, however, say, "You're just going to put up that barrier no matter what, aren't you?" Of course, that is what the crass humor and the insults are -- she just puts up a barrier and doesn't have to deal with reality. Although a different technique, it is essentially the same as the barrier of silence that was put up by Planned Parenthood counter-protesters last weekend. Anything that can shield them from having to deal with the reality of what is taking place. Make jokes, attack the other person's character or "intelligence", or just ignore the person like he or she isn't there -- any barrier that will prevent dealing with what they know they can't deal with. Sad.

We had another abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Five of us were present. Pretty typical day. Most of those that I took to be proabortion, if they had any response at all, was just to mutter something unintelligible and continue walking. Those who opposed abortion were more likely to at least stop and talk for a minute or two, but when asked to join us they inevitably looked at their watches and declared that they had somewhere else they had to be -- you know, those urgent things to do that were more important than stopping the killing of innocent children! I handed them cards with my contact info, but that has not yet resulted in anyone joining with us in a subsequent demonstration. One fellow took my pictures and told me that he was producing a documentary on human rights. I told him that I was doing the same thing and was very much interested in his project, but he did not seem to be interested in my interest!

One fellow had a bit better luck. He told me afterward that a fellow came up to him complaining about us showing such awful pictures, but after they talked went away saying that he would give it more thought.

We held another abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, October 25, 2015, at the usual location, the corner of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue. Five of us were present. The dynamics were as usual, except for one man who stopped his car at the intersection, stepped out and yelled "I love you guys". He then drove on giving us a thumbs up. Other than that it was the usual 95 percent of people who just walked by and seemed to ignore us. The few who responded usually just grunted something unintelligible and kept walking. One fellow stopped to talk and agreed that abortion should be ended, but, when I asked him if he would do something about it, proceeded to tell me all the things that he could not do, such as giving money. When I finally got past his string of "can't dos" and asked him if he would simply join us and hold a sign he refused. As usual, no one walking or driving by joined us.

We held another abortion victim demonstration on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at the usual location of Willamette Street and 11th Avenue in downtown Eugene. Three of us were present. Unfortunately, one of our most faithful members is recovering from back surgery, but also is suffering more and more from a neurological disorder and doubts that he will be able to join us anymore. We thank him for the effort he has made.

Not much different than usual. Most people go by without responding. Most who do respond just murmur something unintelligible and keep on walking. I continue to stand there astounded that we can hold signs about such a horrific violence and people just don't seem to care.

Of those who did stop to speak to me, I think more anti-abortion people stopped than pro-abortion people, something rather surprising in a city that is more than 85 percent pro-abortion! And it is still those who claim they oppose abortion that amaze and horrify me the most. They admit that we are killing children but they will not help do anything about it. How can that be?

One person asked, "What can I do?" When I stepped back slightly and gestured for him to come and hold the sign that I was holding he just shrugged and walked off. Another person said, "Somebody ought to do something." When I said that it had to be us that does it, and once again gestured that he could join us and hold a sign, he also just shrugged and walked off. Perhaps the most interesting response from one who opposes abortion was the one who said that we must put our faith in the Lord to do it. I responded that we can't just sit back and expect that God will do it; we have to step up to the plate and make it happen. He just said, "You don't have enough faith in the Lord," and walked off. Interesting when even one's religious beliefs become an excuse for inaction.

We held an abortion victim demonstration on December 26, 2015 and another on February 27, 2016. Weren't able to get people together to do one in January. Four people were present in December, and two of us in February. Mainly the same general mixture of supportive comments and negative comments or gestures. We did have just a bit of excitement in February -- a young fellow I was having a "discussion" with grabbed the sign that I was holding out of my hands, smashed it, and ran away. However, that didn't bother me as much as the fellow who came up and said, "How can anyone kill a baby?", and when I asked him if he would join with us and help us stop it, he just shook his head and said he didn't want to do that. I'd rather deal with the sign breaker -- at least he cares!

5/1/2016 - I went to add something about our April demo, and realize that I never included the March event. From now on I will just list the events without any further explanation unless there is something particularly noteworthy to write about.

DateLocationNumber present
Saturday, March 26, 2016 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 3
Saturday, April 23, 2016 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 4
Saturday, May 28, 2016 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 4
Saturday, July 30, 2016 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 4
Saturday, August 27, 2016 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 4
Saturday, October 29, 2016 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 3
Saturday, March 4, 2017 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 2
Saturday, April 1, 2017 Willamette St./11th Ave., Eugene 3

If you have any commments, questions, etc. send me a message.